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Sony, SonyEricsson - Data restore problem using Sony PC Companion

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Data restore problem using Sony PC Companion

I am using Sony xperia S without any major problem.

But facing little problem after reset to factory settings or firmware repaired by P C companion . I back up my contacts,messages, Bookmarks and Settings using P C Companion There was no error or problems during the backup process.

After updating firmware When I tried to restore my data. It always shows that 'data restore failed'.

PC Companion has stored a ".dbk" file on my PC. But PC companion failed to restore my data to my SXS. I used both Windows 7 and XP but failed to get back my data.

Sony also aware this problem see this link-

If anyone also facing this problem please share your experiences in this thread.
Date: Apr 23, 2013    Labels: Sony SonyEricsson


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