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Rogers LTE network APN settings

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Rogers LTE network APN settings

Hi all-

Can someone on Rogers in Canada please corroborate this info for me?

Basically, it appears that LTE users who want to use wifi hotspot tethering have been kneecapped deliberately by the network; Rogers blocks tethered device traffic on the standard LTEmobile.apn. (except DNS calls, strangely) They tell me to switch to LTEInternet.apn if I want to use wifi tethering.

But when I ask technical support about this, the "LTE APN" they tell me is required doesn't appear to be LTE in anything except name. Two APNs side by side 2 minutes apart in the same physical location give network speeds 8-10x different, and my cellular monitor app shows them negotiating different connections - HSPA+ for one, LTE for the other- that can't just be congestion.

Is this just poor service in my area (seems unlikely) or is this a deliberate crippling of tethered devices by Rogers? I have a 6Gb data plan, and they're telling me I can't use it however I want, at speeds my phone is capable of running!
Date: May 1, 2013   


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