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Sony, SonyEricsson - How to get into Recovery in Sony Xperia Neo L

Xperia Neo Q&A - xda-developers -
I see many people here desperately looking to know 'how to get into recovery in Xperia Neo L' . I cant answer to individually each one of them, So I've created this Thread for the people who cant get into recovery from their Neo L switched off and If anything happens (such as soft bricks) they would have to reflash the whole firmware.

Im not sure that if it works for every recovery, but Im pretty sure that it works for all kind of CWM available for Sony Xperia Neo L.

Power on your device,

Wait until you see your notification LED lighted up (usually pink in Xparts)

Start pressing volume up button again and again just from the very moment you see the Notification light [Instead of again and again, Pressing the Volume up once in enough] (P.S: The Light Doesnt stay long)

That should get you into Recovery from your switched off/bricked Sony Xperia Neo L

Press Thanks you must if you think this thread I made helped you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Dec 6, 2012    Labels: Sony SonyEricsson


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