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IMMEDIATE HELP REQUIRED! Root Sensation Xe on hboot 1.29

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Hello there, I was trying to root my Htc Sensation XE, these are the specs:

Bootloader locked



Android Version: 4.0.3

HTC Sense Version: 3.6

Software Number: 3.33.401.106

Kernel Version: 3.0.16-g31a4fc7 htc-kernel@u18000-build-144#1 SMP PREEMPT

Baseband Version: 11.76A.3504.00U_11.24A.3504.31_M

Build Number: 3.33.401.106 CL391535 release-keys

Browser Version: WebKit/534.30

I need immediate help on this issue. My hboot is on 1.29 and when i searched for S-OFF , i got mostly 2 methods. One was from to unlock the bootloader via htc site, but somehow i've been experiencing issues with the site (Whenever i log in, i'm logged out like 2-3 seconds later..). That leaves the other method, the one requiring the wire trick.. I've tried that so many times now, every time it says:

Do not remove sdcard from phone

Do wire-trick now!! Look instructions at web

Waiting device....

Found device... Please wait...

Getting into bar.....

Raising Glass

SUCCESS - Taking a sip.

SUCCESS - Beer is tasty.

SUCCESS - Beer is tasty.

SUCCESS - Beer is tasty.

SUCCESS - Beer is tasty.

SUCCESS - Buddies and Beer

Checking alcohol level......

Let's take one more......

S-OFF Failed

Errorcode: 66732337

ErrorMsg: Still sober


Press ENTER to exit.....

I'm really worried, as i want to do a Custom ROM as soon as possible, but am really confused what to do.. Please help!!
Date: Sep 16, 2012   


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