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Lupus kernel + Xperia Ultimate HD

Xperia Arc Q&A - xda-developers -
Good morning everybody! I've just unlocked the bootloader of my Xperia Arc S, and now i'd like to install this ROM. But before i want to flash the Lupus kernel. But for me it's the first time i change a kernel on my phone, and i haven't find a clear guide to do it. Then, someone can help me, and answer those questions?

1. I have to open Flashtool and select the Fastboot mode, right? But where is the button to select this mode?

This is a screenshot of my flastool.

EDIT: I've found the button, then this question don't need an answer!

2. How should i start my phone before connecting it to PC? I have to boot it normally, switch on the debug mode and connect it, or have i to keep pressing the menu button when the phone is power off and connect it?

3. With "flash wi-fi modules in CWM", we simply mean "Install the .zip wi-fi modules package with CWM", right?

4. Now i have the STOCK ICS ROM with no root. Can i procede to flash this kernel?

Thank everybody will answer!
Date: Feb 16, 2013   

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