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Minimoto v1.0 - Less is more.

Droid 3 Android Development - xda-developers -
ROM - Stock-based] Minimoto v1.0 - Less is more.

This ROM is stock XT862 5.7.906 deodexed and meticulously optimised to make the lowest use of resources possible.

The zipfile download is just 99.5Mb - everything unnecessary has been removed, and blur/moto apps replaced where better alternatives exist.

Features :-

- Pre-rooted

- Very minimal Gingerbread Google Apps - much smaller than the one on

- Email app from CM7 - syncs contacts/calendar/email from exchange, office365, etc, also supports gmail and hotmail (works for me even without a "plus" account!)

- Total control of over/under clocking/volting

- Busybox replaces all binaries wherever possible (lowers disk/mem/cache usage)

- Latest (2012-11-07) ADWLauncher pre-installed and updatable (fast stable modern launcher)

- DSPManager (replaces "audio effects" from stock)

- FMRadio

- Quickoffice (we have a license for this as part of stock ROM, so well worth having)

- Terminal emulator

- One alarm tone "alarm classic", one ringtone "ring", one notification tone "bells"

- No bootanim/sound (shows default android logo)

- TCP/Filesystem/VM tweaks

- init.d support

- command line tools "rw" - read/write system, "ro" - revert to read only, "ssh", "scp", "zip", "ash" as default shell (busybox)

- All hardware, camera/camcorder, sensors, GPS, bluetooth, LEDs etc working

More details, credits, how-to for overclocking etc to follow.



This ROM should work with safestrap 2 or 3, but has only been tested on v3.05.

To flash, first create a ROM slot in SS3, activate that slot, wipe data, then install the ZIP.

Do not clear data again after installing - this ROM installs some necessary files to the /data partition.
Date: Nov 8, 2012   


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