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Samsung - GT-P7510 XAC Samsung Stock ROM for Canada

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GT-P7510 XAC Samsung Stock ROM for Canada

Has anyone managed to download the Canadian ICS stock ROM for the GT-P7510 from If so, could you upload it somewhere and post a link? The samsung-updates site is too slow and downloads fail after 2 or 3 hours.

The address/filename is

My Tab failed during the OTA upgrade and froze at the first logo screen after boot. Samsung suggested that I wipe it to factory state, but having not copied my Titanium Backup folder to my PC, I decided to try flashing a stock ROM first using Odin3. Since samsung-updates was not working good enough, I manged to find a USA (XAB) Stock 3.2 ROM from a link in an XDA forum that I could get. I now have my Tab backed-up to my PC, but would like to switch to the XAC Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Any version of ROM with the XAC country code would let me wipe it and get the OTA update to ICS.


Edit - Possible ROM versions I could use are P7510VLLH3 or P7510VLKL2. Both are on, but after a day and a half I cannot download any file from there successfully. I tried on my Galaxy S3 via Wi-Fi and 4G and 2 computers.
Date: Sep 9, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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