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Samsung - Protocol error with Heimdall

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I have Galaxy Tab GT-P7500, Android 3.2 and I want to flash CWM and CM. I followed guide how to flash on CM site. Problem is, that I got stuck in first step, flash recovery.

I got to download mode, on screen is written ODIN3 Download mode (protocol v2.1). Then, I install driver with zadig tool with success (my device is callde SEC DEV and I don't know why) and run command


heimdall.exe flash --recovery zImage --verbose

Here is output:


Initialising connection...

Detecting device...

Manufacturer: "SAMSUNG"

Product: "SEC DEV"

length: 18

device class: 2

S/N: 0

VID:PID: 04E8:685D

bcdDevice: 0100

iMan:iProd:iSer: 1:2:0

nb confs: 1

interface[0].altsetting[0]: num endpoints = 1

Class.SubClass.Protocol: 02.02.01

endpoint[0].address: 82

max packet size: 0010

polling interval: 09

interface[1].altsetting[0]: num endpoints = 2

Class.SubClass.Protocol: 0A.00.00

endpoint[0].address: 81

max packet size: 0200

polling interval: 00

endpoint[1].address: 01

max packet size: 0200

polling interval: 00

Claiming interface...

Setting up interface...

Checking if protocol is initialised...

Protocol is not initialised.

Initialising protocol...

ERROR: Failed to initialise protocol!

I tried to do this procedure on 4 computers (in two of them there were no Samsung drivers at all, winXP, win7), I have original USB cable, I tried Odin, that didn't detect my tablet at all, I tried google for 4 hours without success. I tried everything. Be sure, that I know what I'm doing, because I flashed around 10 phones and two tablets for my friends, but I never got so stuck.

So, here is my question. Is i tossible, that my download mode has new protocol, that Heimidall can't handle? And is there any solution for this situation?

Thanks for any advice,

Date: Sep 16, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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