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Samsung - Can't Root Samsung Tab 4.0.4

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Q&A - xda-developers -
Can't Root Samsung Tab 4.0.4

Good Morning,

I'm having the hardest time rooting my galaxy tab 10.1 I just bought. It came with android 4.0.4. I followed this video

and this video

I couldn't find a video on here dealing with rooting android 4.0.4 maybe I didn't look in the right place.

The first thing that is different in all the videos I've been watching is when you turn the tablet off. and press power button+volume down buttton the screen that show on everybodys video I have watched so far has 2 icons that show up one on the left the look a box one on the right that looks like an android symbol. Yet on my device all I get is the screen that says download mode. Just wanted to point that out might be the reason why this isn't working for me.

Ok so when I get in to download mode another thing that is going on is on the screen it says custom binary download 3 I assume that is on there because I have tried 3 times. anyways I load up the recovery tar file in odin. I have my device in download mode and connect to my computer I hit the start button it goes all the way through and says pass and the device reboots. I shut the device down.

The next step I'm trying to get in to the clock work recovery by holding down the power button + volume down and it is suppose to take me in to the recovery every single time I do it it takes me to the stock android system recovery <3e>. In yellow letters on the screen it says # MANUAL MODE #

---Applying Multi-CSC...

Applied the CSC-code : XAR

Succesfully applied multi-CSC

I have no clue what the above means but I cannot get this system in a clockwork recovery mode to save my life.

If anybody can help me are like me to the correct video that I'm suppose to be following I would really appericate. Thank You In Advance.
Date: Nov 22, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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