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Samsung - Stuck in download mode

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Q&A - xda-developers -

As it says. I'm stuck in Odin3 download mode.

I have a Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 GTP7500 wifi+3g

Previously I've had the Galaxy Task 14 rom installed on my tab but wanted to go back to the old 3.2 (honeycomb?) version of android, which I had before. I had a good experience with the GT 14 and it worked great but wanted to go back to 3.2 to feel the difference of the roms.

Anyway, I did a system restore from my backup in CWM with the expectation of everything going smoothly. But after the system restore I got stuck on the boot screen and waited a couple of hours with out any progress. So I decided to reboot, I entered CWM recovery to clear my caches to see if that would help but it had the same results. After browsing the forums a bit i found 'Overcome's Guide' to re-stock my system. Followed the instructions as told and 110% I did everything right. (Though I suspect that clearing the caches might have something to do with it) But it resulted in me being stuck in 'Odin3 download mode'. I can reboot but, either I will directly enter into download mode or I'm at the selection menu where I can't enter CWM recovery mode.

In download mode is says following

Odin3 Download Mode

(Protocol v2.1)

Reason: No Kernal

Secure Mode: Secure

Check Signature: Check

Custom Binary Downlad: No (0 Count)

Current Binary: Samsung Official

Waitting USB cable...

==> Connected! Press the [Start] of Odin3!!

When I try flashing Overcome_CWM_Recovery_v4.1.1.5.tar

I get this:

<ID:0/008> recovery.img

<ID:0/008> NAND Write Start!!

<ID:0/008> RQT_CLOSE !!

<ID:0/008> RES OK !!

<ID:0/008> Completed..

<OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)

<ID:0/008> Removed!!

<ID:0/008> Added!!

<ID:0/008> Removed!!

<ID:0/008> Added!!

Which appears to me to be success. System reboots but I end up in download mode again.

Then I tried using the android_fastboot_emmc_full_p4_16G_32G.pit and the P7500OXAKI1_P7500XXKI1_P7500XXKI1_HOME.tar.md5

I get these results:

<OSM> Enter CS for MD5..

<OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..

<OSM> Please wait..

<OSM> MD5 hash value is invalid

<OSM> P7500OXAKI1_P7500XXKI1_P7500XXKI1_HOME.tar.md5 is invalid.

<OSM> End...

I tried browsing the forums to why the hash value was invalid but didn't find any answer that could enlighten me on that matter.

Also found another post which had a similar problem as mine but in his case there might have been a HDD failure since there was some additional error codes appearing for him. I have yet to see those error codes.

I hope you guys can help me in my dilemma?

Thank you!
Date: Jun 16, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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