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Acer - Help to unbrick my Acer a500

Iconia A500 Android Development - xda-developers -
Hi i was looking for help on my iconia tab a500 everywhere, i've tried everything and don't get it to work, i try afterota, the blackthund3r, the timmy's help i try flashin bootloader, recovery, with babsector i ran the a502A Bat and give me this:

************************************************** **************

* Before executing, be sure to delete recovery-from-boot.p *

* from /system to ensure recovery will stick *

************************************************** **************


* Reboot your tablet into APX mode *


Generate your SBK with your CPUID from here :

Enter your SBK:0x7AAB1E00 0xB8CCE601 0x57850203 0x59042103

Nvflash started

rcm version 0X20001

System Information:

chip name: t20

chip id: 0x20 major: 1 minor: 4

chip sku: 0x8

chip uid: 0x037c6243416121d7

macrovision: disabled

hdcp: enabled

sbk burned: true

dk burned: true

boot device: emmc

operating mode: 4

device config strap: 0

device config fuse: 0

sdram config strap: 0

sending file: flash.bct

- 4080/4080 bytes sent

flash.bct sent successfully

odm data: 0xb00d8011

downloading bootloader -- load address: 0x108000 entry point: 0x108000

sending file: bootloader.bin

| 714409/714409 bytes sent

bootloader.bin sent successfully

waiting for bootloader to initialize

bootloader downloaded successfully

setting device: 2 3

creating partition: BCT

creating partition: PT

creating partition: APP

creating partition: EBT

creating partition: GP1

creating partition: SOS

creating partition: LNX

creating partition: CAC

creating partition: MSC

creating partition: FLX

creating partition: AKB

creating partition: UDA

creating partition: GPT

failed executing command 12 NvError 0x120002

command failure: create failed (bad data)

bootloader status: fatal failure to read / write to mass storage (code: 9) messa

ge: nverror:0x8 (0x19000008) flags: 0

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then I ran the a501B and get this at the end

Formatting partition 2 BTC please wait.. FAILED¿

command failure: create failed (bad data)

bootloader status: specified partition is invalid or does not exist (code: 7)

message: nverror:0x42008 (0x6042008) flags: 0

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If someone can help me I appreciate it very much.

Thank you
Date: Dec 11, 2012    Labels: Acer

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