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Alternative Root Method for Final A501 ICS Build

Iconia A500 Android Development - xda-developers -
It has come to my attention that for some reason ICS Root isn't working on the stock / OTA A501 ICS Build (this has occurred in two instances so far), despite the kernel version being

This could be for two reasons:

1) ADB driver fails

2) Acer have done something to stop us

It is most likely #1 because the method is working fine for others, but this is here anyway for those that may find it useful for one reason or another. Please try ICS Root first, then try this, then ask for help

This will work on the A500 too for those with issues with ICS Root as an alternative root method (although I always recommend you try ICS Root first as it has the most functionality, is the simplest method and has rooted well over 1000 devices based on download stats).

0) Have your CPUID and/or SBK to hand, along with the A500 APX Flash Tool downloaded. If you have your CPUID but not your SBK, go generate it now with

1) Load the A500 APX Flash Tool and enter the bundle market. View the bundles for the default repo (

2) Scroll to the bottom and find the bundle which has a patched bootloader (v8) with CWM Recovery 1.7.3

3) Enter the number in the box and press the download button

4) Allow it to automatically stage the bundle for flash, enter your SBK and press OK

5) You don't have root yet so don't dump your BCT

6) Flash the bundle as normal. If entering APX Mode doesn't work automatically, use the manual method

7) Once done DO NOT BOOT NORMALLY. Power the device off then immediately boot into recovery mode! IF YOU BOOT FIRST YOU WILL NEED TO REFLASH CWM WITH FASTBOOT OR APX MODE

8) Flash the following zip file:

9) Now reboot your tablet. You should now be rooted with CWM, busybox and native filesystem remounting

Please note that this is a BETA for now. I haven't tested it yet. A later version will include a better mount script, more testing and the A500 Root Tools App

Have fun ~

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Date: Aug 18, 2012   

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