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Samsung - Samsung Infuse USB not recognized by computer

Infuse 4G General - xda-developers -
I have a Samsung Infuse and I have rooted it with CM9. Before that I had MIUI latest version with ICS.

But now, my Infuse is not recognized by my computer. When I connect my Infuse to my computer, nothing opens up asking what needs to be done and I do not see my Infuse in my computer (which is running Windows 7).

I believe the problem started when I installed MIUI with ICS on my phone and since then I couldn't connect my phone to the computer.

I installed all possible drivers (Samsung USB drivers, Samsung Kies, Samsung Kies Mini) with no success. I installed the drivers - uninstalled the drivers - reinstalled the drivers - rebooted my computer and tried any combination with no success.

I did my research but couldn't find anything.

I found an article , but wasn't sure whether it will work for my Infuse.

Also, I looked in all possible locations in my phone but I couldn't find the settings where I can set the action to be performed when the phone is connected to a computer. I think that setting is missing from my ROM.

Please let me know what should I try to make it work.

Thank you
Date: Dec 26, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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