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Can't boot xperia x10 mini pro in flash mode and can't back it to stock ROM

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Hello comrades,

I have xperia x10 mini pro. I rooted phone with Flashtool and installed CWM. I tried to boot it in flash mode (turned off phone, back button held and plugged in USB into the phone), but what I get is that my phone turned on always, like that I pressed Power button.

Earlier I couldn't boot it into the flash mode and I got that I charging battery, but after I installed CWM, phone always turns on.

Due to, I can't re-flash it because it always turns on. I tried with flashtool, PC companion, SEUS but all software need that I turn off phone and then hold back button and plug in usb and what I get is turned on phone. Please help me how to fix this problem.

I would like to re-flash it to stock 2.1.1.A.0.6 (2.1-update1).
Date: Jun 11, 2012   


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