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Samsung - Samsung Galaxy S2 won't boot. Recovery mode not accessible.

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Hi all!

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 which I since a week cannot start. It get stuck on the black/white samsung logo. I cannot enter recovery mode, nothing happens when releasing the power button after pressing volumeup+home+power buttons. I can however reach download mode. I'm not sure what caused this problem, one day I just couldn't start it. I read on forums that many similar problems seem to have occurred when upgrading android but I'm not sure this is the case here (unless the phone made an automatic update while I was asleep). I'm not sure what version of android I'm running, but I'm pretty sure it is at least the ICS.

I would like to hard reset my phone if possible. It seems to be easiest through the recovery mode which I cannot get into.. I read things about Odin, connecting the phone to the computer and downloading android to the phone but haven't quite grasped it. Could anyone explain this option for me or point me in the right direction? Are there other options?

I would appreciate any help, especially since my 1-year warranty expired a month ago!

Best regards,

Date: Oct 21, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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