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Samsung - Upgrade GS2 I9100G To CM10

Galaxy S II Q&A - xda-developers -
Upgrade GS2 I9100G To CM10

Hey guys, I'm looking to flash CM10 on my friend's Galaxy SII I9100G previously running GB (2.3.4)

I've read the tutorials, I need an ICS bootloader to flash CM10 over it.

My question is: Is there an ICS kernel with CWM that I can flash on the device then install CM10 or do I have to download the official ICS ROM which is 340 MB, flash it with Odin then flash CM10 via CWM?

All I'm looking for is a way around this 340 mb download


(I'll be glad if someone posts a helpful tutorial)
Date: Dec 27, 2012    Labels: Samsung


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