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Samsung - S2 randomly shutting down or restarting

Galaxy S II Q&A - xda-developers -

I've checked around the S2 XDA Q&A section but couldn't find someone with a similar problem...

So for like the past two weeks I've been using cyanogenmod 10.1 nightlies on my S2 and had no issues whatsoever.

Yesterday however while using the phone heated up a lot and I took off the battery just to cool down the phone, and I may have kept the battery out for like 2-3 minutes and i was just cleaning the inside.

Ever since that my S2 has been randomly shutting down or restarting, there is no particular time range, it suddenly decides to shut down or restart.

I thought this may have been a cyanogenmod nightly issue and so I switched to Resurrection Remix 3.1.3 with dorimanx kernel, I purposely avoided the cm10.1 kernel thinking it may have been that was what was causing the issue.

The problem still continues to be there even with Resurrection Remix 3.1.3

I have to point out I kept checking the battery stats and it kept jumping down every time there was a restart or shut down, the most recent incident being the battery was at 75% and then shut down and was at 60% then restarted and was at 50% and then restarted again at 35%.

It does seem like its a battery issue but I need your advice guys, am recharging the phone now as I was thinking I should calibrate it, is that ok? and no so far it hasn't shut down while on charge.

Thanks a million in advance you guys rule
Date: Jan 5, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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