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Samsung - Samsung galaxy s2 i9100 magnetic sensor needs calibartion

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hi ,

i am on android 4.1.2 leaked version

i purchased a mobile phone with broken screen and replaced it so it has been falled earlier i dont whether the magnetic sensor was working earlier or not

on android ics the autorotation feature was also not working and in jb it is also not working

before writing this thread i have already looked 50-60 of similar threads havings problems with different sensors and autorotation but didnt got solution anywhere

in *#0*# test under sensor everything is giving reading except magnetic sensor it is saying it needs calibration but where and how i dont know

if the hardware has fault in my phone than any one can please tell me where is magnetic sensor in the motherboard so i could do change it

under the motion>sesitivity in jb there is gyroscope calibration option in which its ball is not moving anywhere while moving the phone on the different axis but it is saying calibrated on putting it on flat surface and saying some file missing if we do calibrtion by putting phone in hands.........

in the application gps status each thing is showing readings only the magnetic field and the centre ball in the middle not moving

so is there is any real solution for this problem.............
Date: Jan 8, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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