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HD7 SIM Card Error

HD7 General - xda-developers -
I've flipped through other SIM card error threads here on the HD7 forum and found not many had a good turn out.

I dropped my HD7 in water and luckily this was the only "damage" it suffered. But it is beyond me how the problems still persists, I've replaced nearly EVERYTHING inside the damn phone and I STILL have the error.

SIM/SD card tray, Main logic board, motherboard, you name it I've gotten a replacement for it and the POS is still reading SIM card error. Attempted different SIM cards from friends and nothing.

I think the ONLY strike of a light I ever had was when I replace the SIM/SD card tray and I actually had bars for a little bit, and then just dorpped to the error again and bars never came back no matter how many times I restarted the phone.

The only thing Im suspecting now is the cellular antennas in the back housing just not making good contact/sending out any signals. I tried making the contact better by adding a bit of solder to the contacts but no avail. Got a new housing coming in.

Wondering if anyone had any othe ideas or has any suggestions
Date: Oct 17, 2012   


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