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HTC - Advanced ROM Update Utility for HTC 7 Mozart by Barin

7 Mozart Windows Phone 7 Development - xda-developers -
I post this on behalf of Barin (the author of the utility).


MozartAdvancedRUU 1.0.3

1. Possibility to choose one from several NBH files. Files should be placed in one folder with utility.

2. Possibility to choose the way (option) of flashing

3. Possibility to get NBH file info (Modification date, Model ID, CID, Version, Lang, Chunk size)

Regular RUU (Task 28)

Hard Reset is performed straight after flashing automatically (good for NBH containing OS section)

Custom RUU (Task 00)

to install only radio roms without performing hard-reset.

Remeber as always:

Unskilled interference to your phone's OS can totally crash your device.

If you understand what are you going to do - go ahead.

No warranty.... use on your own risk.



Net Framework 3.5


-v1.03 (06.11.11 - task 00 enabled - X downloads)

-v1.02 (02.11.11 - initial release - 249 downloads)

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Date: Jul 19, 2012    Labels: HTC


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