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4ext recovery + instructions

EVO 3D CDMA Android Development - xda-developers -
this guide is for peole who jus cant get s-off or just need the 4ext recovery but cant get it because of bootloops etc

this gude also assumes u have installed have android sdk to the root of your computers C: driv

1. Head to

2. Follow the steps to unlock your device. Then,reboot into Fastboot.

(by pressing the power button on your phone and you should see Fastboot USB. If you don't, just press the power button when Fastboot is highlighted.)

it's time to push a recovery.img.

1. Download = Thanks 4ext team.

2. Once that is downloaded, place the recovery.img into your adb location (at C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools).

Now if you're not using a 64-bit OS then you won't need the ' (x86).'

3. Okay. once the .img is in there then use the command prompt.

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools

4. Press Enter. This will change the directory to your adb location.

5. Now power your phone into fastboot in the bootloader once again. Just hook your phone up to the usb and then go into the bootloader and press power after it loads. You should see Fastboot USB.

6. Type in:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

If you're recovery img isn't named this, then rename it to recovery.img, it's easiest ^>^

7. Then hit enter and the phone will be flashed with the recovery.

8.Boot into recovery and enable smartflash so tht even though youre s-on you can flash any rom/kernal

EDIT: tell the recovery that your device is actually s-on by turning smart flash on

This is done when you install recovery and answer the question that you are s-on with "yes"

You can also change that setting later on via RecoveryControl -> Recovery settings, or by editing 4ext.prop manually

Recovery will autodetect any changes done to "boot" and only attempt to flash your boot partition if it was really changed
Date: Aug 24, 2012   

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