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Zeki Tablet TWC

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I recently purchased a Zeki 7in tablet. I love this device however I am unable to use the twc app. First I had to disable USB debugging (i'm not even sure what that is). I thought that would solve the problem, but it did not. After much searching I have found out that it is rooted, and I need to hide this. There are several threads that give general instructions but I cannot find what they are talking about. I am not very good at this. How do I make the time warner cable app work for watching live tv?

I also am trying to find google playstore. The last time I followed the instructions it was for FID: BN and my Tablet is FID: CF, and I got a white screen of death and had to return it, so I am a little apprehensive on trying again. On the newer threads does a BN or CF make a difference?

Date: Dec 14, 2012   


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