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Alcatel - My Alcatel One Touch Blaze Glory X 918N won't open.

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Hi everyone!

I just had a problem with my android phone. It is rooted, and I tried to downgrade my GB 2.3.6 to 2.3.5. I followed a certain instructions about this, using a Flash Tool with a scatter-file Europe_2.3.5.txt. After I downloaded it, my phone won't open now. I'm afraid I hardly bricked it.

It won't open, won't show if it's charging (but i'm pretty sure it is), can't be booted to recovery mode or download mode, can't be detected by PC when I connect it to the USB. No response at all. Please, if there are any people who can help me out there, help me. I'm starting to panic about it.
Date: Jan 17, 2013    Labels: Alcatel

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