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Compile a android kernel for Huawei CM980

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Hello friends, I'm part of a group of novice developers who are developing a CyanogenMOD9 for Huawei CM980, a phone sold in Venezuela with the following hardware features:

SoC: MSM7627b @ 800 Mhz ARMv6 - CPU-Core: ARM1136EJ-S

Touchscreen: Synaptics-ts-CMI.1

LCD: Innolux ILI9481

Camara: mt9p017 @ 5 MP with AF (BRAND: Aptina)

NAND Flash: Hynix

Compass AKM8975 (BRAND: Akemi)

Wifi / FM / BT Broadcom BCM4329 (BRAND: Broadcom)

BMA150 3-axis Accelerometer (BRAND: Bosch)

Magnetic field sensor AK8973 (BRAND: Akemi)

Proximity sensor CM3602 (BRAND: Capella)

Now we know that this phone has great hardware level like the Huawei C8651, until the point that can be identified as board id: MSM7x27_C8651.VerD, we used this because the official kernel source for this phone has not been released, and isn't possible obtain the build information from /proc/config.gz. Now to the point:

I tried to build the kernel on several occasions, I have the source of CyanogenMod (2.6.37) and Huawei (2.6.35) kernel, I built the modules and drivers are required and I have compiled the code without errors and for the right architecture (the command file to zImage tells me that file is a ARM little-endian), I joined and created a boot.img using the original rom initramfs, but the cellphone refuses to boot.

My questions are:

1) What can be going to not work?

2) Is there any way to make a more specific kernel compilation in which the use of force and optimization for ARMv6 ARM1136EJ-S?

Your ideas and suggestions are welcome, greatly appreciate any help the.

PD: Sorry for my bad English
Date: Feb 10, 2013   


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