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THL W8 GravityMod2 - Android 4.2.1

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GravityMod2 - custom ROM for THL W8 - Android 4.2.1

Version 1.0

After several unsuccessfull attempts to bring Android 4.2

to our device, I finally made it.

Here comes the Android 4.2.1 ROM with full Project Butter experience

with UI running @ 60+ FPS making our W8 a real beast!

It's based on the latest Eastcom W1 stock Android 4.2.1 ROM

It's a pure stock with a few initial mods on top. To simplify the process

of flashing I figured out how this could be made flashable through update ZIP in recovery.

(For installing ClockworkMod or TeamWin recovery, refer to this thread )

Thanks goes to akim14 for useful tips regarding Eastcom W1 and flashing.

Until now I thought that flashing a boot image and system is enough to get it run but I was wrong.

By trial and error approach I found out that flashing also UBOOT is necessary to get everything in sync.

Read carefully before you proceed

- full wipe is needed to upgrade from Android 4.1.2

- since flashing UBOOT renders your current recovery (CWM or TWRP) unusable because of incompatible

kernel image I decided to include working image of CWM that gets flashed automatically

during ROM flash. TWRP is not possible for now because of kernel image being too big in size making it

impossible for TWRP image to fit 6MB partition. So for those currently using TWRP, don't be suprised that

your recovery is suddenly changed to CWM after flash.

- returning to previous ROM that was backed up using recovery is not possible ("thanks" to different UBOOT),

so I recommend making a backup using SP Flash Tool for those who want to have one.

But I suppose you won't be returning back after you taste the fluidiness of this ROM.

- Although I tried to test all the functionality it is impossible for me to deeply test all the parts of the system.

So potential problems should be expected. So far I have come across the well known Date&Time settings crash but

I suppose the fix will come very soon. Except this, everything seems to be working fine.

- There are no special customizations in this initial version. If we find this ROM a good start for further

modding and if THL won't release official 4.2 update any time soon I will probably continue working on it.

Main features

- Project Butter fully working (60FPS UI)

- Rooted

- Busybox

- Internet calls support (SIP)

- Updated Google apps

- Google Now included

- Chinese apps removed

- Updated APNs



(MD5 checksum: 60b4c498ce12d6c3128c1b6df5b072f8)

Installation instructions

1) Download ROM zip and put in on SD card

2) Reboot to recovery (cwm or twrp). Turn off signature verification if it's on (ZIP is not signed)

3) Perform factory reset (wipe data, cache, dalvik cache)

4) Install ROM zip downloaded in step 1)

5) Reboot. Patience required - first boot takes a while
Date: Apr 25, 2013   

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