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RegawMOD Rebooter 1.1 | Updated 06.08.12

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RegawMOD Rebooter is a Windows System Tray application designed for one purpose: To reboot your connected Android devices!

I originally created this last night for my brother (dwizzy130 here on xda), but I decided to release it here as well

RegawMOD Rebooter utilizes my .NET Android communication API AndroidLib.

If there is more than one device connected to the computer while a reboot option is selected, the first device that appears on the adb server will be selected to reboot.

Please see the "Additions Coming Soon..." section for features that I am currently implementing.

What it does

- Reboots your connected Android device normally, to recovery, to the bootloader, or shuts it down.


Double-click the "RegawMOD Rebooter" executable from anywhere on your computer. The RegawMOD icon will appear in your system tray. Right click the icon to get a menu, and select which type of reboot you want! It will stay in your tray until the "Exit" menu option is selected.


Windows Computer

Android USB Drivers installed for your device

.NET 3.5 or greater


Additions Coming Soon...

- Configurable Settings Menu

- Custom Device Selection

- Much more...


Version 1.1 | 06.08.12:

- Added initial multi-device support

Download Latest Release

RegawMOD Rebooter 1.1

Download Info

RegawMOD Rebooter 1.1 MD5 - 3a4379672372a41d871293d6fc657551
Date: Jun 8, 2012   


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