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DRM Protected Content Storage - High Battery Usage

Vibrant General - xda-developers -
So I've been trying to figure out what app(s) has been causing my battery to drain quicker than normal because I noticed it draining quicker than when I first flashed the Bionix 1.3 rom. I found a program called PowerTutor that profiles and monitors your phone's power usage and allows you to see how much power is used by each app.

I quickly found that 2 apps were sucking up all the power. The OLED screen by itself uses about 400mw of power. I found that QuickDesk is using about 350mw and DRM Portected Content Storage is using 380mw of power.

I have uninstalled QuickDesk, but what the heck is DRM Protected Content Storage. Is this a necessary app that needs to run in the background or is it safe to kill or better yet, prevent from running at all?


New Finding: So I killed the DRM Protected Content Storage with a task killer, but apparently it's still running in the background because it's still eating up the battery according to PowerTutor.
Date: Jun 6, 2012   

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