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Samsung - Stuck on Paranoid Android Bootscreen! (noob) HELP

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Stuck on Paranoid Android Bootscreen! (noob) HELP

Hey everyone...

ive already tried to get some quick help already but i really need my phone tonight LOL.

iam running cm9 rom with the latest cm9 stable kernal, now i wanted to flash the hydrocore kernal to see if battery would improve, but it seemed fine but then choppy afew hours later so i changed back to cm9 kernal. Anyway after it rebooted it stayed on the paranoid android bootscreen! where you see the picture loading. i then tried to wipe the cache and dalvik and its still stuck. someone mentioned to do a wipe but i was unsure if he meant to a full wipe? as ive not wiped the factory reset, just the two caches! ive also flashed both kernals back and forth and im still stuck.

Its a simple issue iam sure but could someone help me, im unsure if i should do a full wipe including factory reset or just flash the cm9 rom again. if so can i have instructions step by step...

thank you.
Date: Sep 2, 2012    Labels: Samsung


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