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Samsung - install CyanogenMod on Galaxy 3 (gt-i5800) 2012

Galaxy 3 Q&A - xda-developers -

so i read many posts here already (of course also: ), did my searches and spend lots of time already. but i just found out that there are out-dated ways of doing this and new ones, and i just want to make sure which right now is the best one:

I got a new (no root what so ever) GT-I5800 (galaxy 3). The standard rom on it is very slow so i decided to install CyanogenMod. I found and downloaded ALPHA 8.3 from here:

Then i looked how to install (flash) that and i found:

there they talk about ODIN, downloaded that (odin3), but what is "kies"? ("make sure you have latest version of kies installed") installed on computer or phone?

And "You need to reflash google apps after flashing the ROM" is not necesary anymore right? cause i dont really get what reflashing google apps means..?

last question: i have to put the zip file on an sd card. no problem. but has that sd card then stay in the phone forever while on CM? or can i take it out right after the first boot and put in my other sd card with my mp3s and pics? i dont want to risk loosing them so i prefere using a spare sd-card just for the installation.

THANKS A LOT in advance!
Date: Sep 24, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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