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Samsung - Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2 downgrade to 4.1.2 :)

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I had 4.2.2 installed official no root.I was not happy.First of all

1)Volume of equalizer and frequency control was buggy under 4.2.2 i could not move the sliders and do anything it seemed instead of increasing volume or the frequency it messed it up and did the opposite

2)under 4.2.2 i noticed memory leak,memory as hours passed would go over until the phone would halt a little.and application response was laggy.

3)WiFi tether did not work at all

so i downgraded after using the nexus toolkit,i unlocked boot loader,installed 4.1.2 rooted,installed recovery,and then

i installed the new camera 4.2 apk,the new swype keyboard and the clock of 4.2.


a)volume is fixed and frequencies work OK on the sliders of the Google music equalizer.

b)memory leak is gone,the memory is released after applications are closed or used no more i have the halts after hours and i do not have to close applications or clear cache of memory.

c)have not tested WiFi tether yet

My question is why did Google mess so much the 4.2.2 ?it seems bad to me,4.1.2 with some patches is the way to go.Less lag,more speed,better volume,and all the features of 4.2.2 with the correct patches.

And i have some questions .Is there a way to use the new status screen of android 4.2.2 to 4.1 ?

Can i somehow skip the update screen that tells me there is a new operating system update?

I do NOT want to go back to 4.2.2.
Date: Mar 2, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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