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custom/modified rom for mt/mtk 6575 phone and some question

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custom/modified rom for mt/mtk 6575 phone and some question

Hi guys, I'm new in this forum.

I would ask some question... I have buy a few days ago a clone of SGS3, maybe the better clone ever made. Equal cover(i use an original cover on the clone), equal battery, microsim, brand (front, back, battery, battery compartment, start and off), equal theme etc... Have a good hardware, I play on this phone with many game like subway surfer or gta vice city without problem... Now I would make a custom rom for this device, for me is a good phone and deserves a good custom rom to fix small problem and improve the performance (on the antutu 2.9 the score are about 11 thousad, antutu 3, about 5 thousand). For start, which are the things to make/modify a rom? Is possible to backup the original rom to modify that without problem? Now I don't remember other question XD

Thank you all and thank you for the answers...
Date: Jan 9, 2013   

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