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Samsung - Root SGP 4.0 YP-G1

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This thread was created to verify and promote the SuperOneClick rooting method that worked for me. I purchased a YP-G1 SGP 4.0 from Amazon recently and found enough hints on what to try for gaining ROOT.

All credit for this method goes to CLShortFuse and his SuperOneClick process.

There may be other steps to get this running, but below is what I did and it worked.

1. Enable USB Debugging.

2. Connect YP-G1 to PC, mount storage.

3. Locate Samsung Kies install on phone storage, install Samsung Kies.

4. Reboot after install.

5. Open Kies, run the update. (Kies never successfully connected to the YP-G1. I believe this was just to get drivers installed.)

6. Extract SuperOneClick to a folder on your PC's HD. (I chose a folder with no spaces in the name. Not sure if it matters.)

7. Unmount storage from the phone's notification bar.

8. Launch SuperOneClick.exe.

9. Click ROOT on SuperOneClick application on the PC.

10. Sit back and wait. It takes quite a while with mandatory 40s pauses.

This method may include steps that are not actually needed, but it is what I did and rooting the YP-G1 was successful. I will try to update the steps if I found a way to take out a few steps.

User etrnldrk reported that the update to Kies was not necessarily.
Date: Oct 6, 2012    Labels: Samsung


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