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Droid 2 Global Unlocked Without Verizon

Droid 2 Global General - xda-developers -
Droid 2 Global Unlocked Without Verizon (Works for me, How To Inside))

I don't write english very well but here we go.

I'm from Honduras.

ok, i'm noob, i'm not asking "how to unlock", here is my story

I buy this phone like 2 weeks ago from ebay the phone say "verizon Droid 2 Global"; i reciebe my phone like 3 days ago, i'm from Honduras, well i think when i read Global "GSM quadband" is going to work with my carrier(CLARO HONDURAS), but fail, the phone is locked by Verizon.

Well i turn on the phone with my Sim inserted and say "This phone need to be activate, calling verizon", "insert PIN NETWORK Unlock code" or something like that.

Well the Solution for me.

i see my brother yesterday he have a iphone 3g- iphone 4 and have those cards called turbo sim, i comment my problem and he say "i have SmartSim" you can tested it works for unlock some types of phone.(i search and smartsim unlock phones, but my search found "old phones")

Well he gave to me yesterday i tested right now, i insert that "smartSim"

and the phone works, O.o

I Don't know if goint to work with your phone but with mine it work, i'm very happy , beacuse on every place i read "you have a beatiful brick".

Network: Claro Honduras

Here some photos of my phone unlocked

first call: my mom xD

review: smartsim unlock my phone

this happen like 20 minutes

Bueno pues veran mi primer idioma es el español asi que si alguien me lo corrige seria mejor.

Nota: no tengo ni idea de quienes son los de smartsim no pienses que es una compañia en la cual tengo algo que ver

nota: i don't know who are smartsim creators,.

edit: the first time, i can receibe my calls, and do calls, right now my phone sound Off when somebody call me., testing other phones call O.o
Date: Sep 9, 2012   


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