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Samsung - Galaxy Tab P1010 WIFI - Cyanogenmod - Kernel 3.0.x

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DEV Collaboration] Galaxy Tab P1010 WIFI - Cyanogenmod - Kernel 3.0.x

Hello Folks,

I am a Recognized XDA Developer and I work on Cyanogenmod for Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 which is an exact similar device to Galaxy Tab P1010 (TI OMAP3630).

We have got fully working CM9 and CM10 on Galaxy SL, with few minor issues with video recording and laggy interface. However, we are working on porting the new 3.0.8 kernel that was released on omapzoom. This new kernel would help us resolve issues that we have been affecting ICS and JB releases.

So far, we have managed to get the kernel booting with few basic stuff like Touchscreen, Panel, Audio, Keypad, Vibrator working. Galaxy SL is exactly similar to Galaxy Tab P1010 WIFI and it essentially shares the same kernel and I suspect that most of the userspace stuff also should be the same. I was informally asked by cdesai if I was interested to develop for this device, but I had to turn my back since I wasn't really having the time for it.

However, since we are working on a new kernel for Galaxy SL from scratch, I would really like to take the initiative of making something useful for P1010 too, keeping in mind the small user base for Galaxy SL, we thought our work could be useful for P1010 and would benefit more people.

We would like developers working on P1010 to come forward and let us know the current status of development on this device (Kernels, Custom Roms, Attempts at CM, etc), so that we could plan something accordingly. Also, we would be interested to know how many people actually own this device and would like to have CM over it. Let's use this topic as a playground!

Sources for Galaxy SL

Stable CM9 and CM10



Experimental 3.0 Kernel

Thank you!
Date: Dec 30, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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