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TF201 X-axis recovery inversion

Eee Pad Transformer Prime Q&A - xda-developers -
I originally posted this in the general Q&A before I realized it belongs here:

I had the problem with replacing the broken glass on my TF201 that caused an inverted X-axis. Thanks to the solution provided by flumpster, I was able to get the fix the problem in the stock JB ROM ( so that the inversion is corrected there, however the problem still exists in TWRP. I understand why. I asked in the TWRP IRC chat support if there were any fixes or patches that could be applied that would correct the issue. I was told that I needed to compile my own TWRP to load with the fix and that there were flags that could be set to flip either axis. I've looked into it but at the moment I am a little overwhelmed with the process of setting up the build environment and making sure I have everything in order to do this as I have never compiled anything from source before. Is there anyone out there that could possibly do a build of a compatible version of TWRP that would fix this issue? Many thanks to anyone who can.
Date: Mar 28, 2013   

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