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Samsung - Galaxy S - Black screen - water damage

Galaxy S I9000 Q&A - xda-developers -
I have a Galaxy S Vibrant GT-i9000 on which the screen went black over a 3 day period. Sent it out for warranty repair (through Wireless kiosk @ Costco).

They responded saying that it had been water damaged and wasn't covered under warranty. Apparently it was droppped in water about 1 year previously. So be it.

Now I have it back and am wondering if it can fixed?

I have stripped it down to see if there's anything obvious to me. Of course there's not.

My question:

How can I determine what component(s) have failed?

The phone works as normal except the screen is blank. If I know where to touch the screen, it functions fine. Only issue is no display.

On the main circuit board, you can see corrosion on on the metal frame. This is what told them it was water damage.

Could this be a screen issue or would it likely be the circuit board which I assume means no worthwhile repair.

I have attached a pic showing the corrosion.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If it's the screen I would consider fixing it. If the board then I guess it's good for parts.


Date: Dec 30, 2012    Labels: Samsung


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