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Samsung - HOW TO solve grass issue on FIFA 12!

Galaxy S I9000 Q&A - xda-developers -
HOW TO solve grass issue on FIFA 12!!

Hi guys!

I know,it's not a very important thread but I love FIFA 12 and when I saw a too coloured comment :P

So,it's very easy to solve the problem you see in this screenshot(it was made by a Galaxy Nexus but the issue is the same..)

You have to use Chainfire3D(thanks chainfire for this awesome app) and(without plug-ins) go to "DefaultOpenGL" and set ONLY "Unroll Textures".

After that,open FIFA12 and enjoy

PS: I've tested it on FIFA 12 ROW(1.3.86) and NA(1.3.87) versions.
Date: Apr 15, 2013    Labels: Samsung


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