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How to flash custom kernel with Flashtool?

XPERIA X10 Q&A - xda-developers -
How to flash custom kernel with Flashtool???

Can someone of you senior members describe me how to flash custom kernel via Flashtool 0.6.5.

I try to put kernel .ftf file in Flashtool/devices/x10/kernel but Flashtool can't see it. Just see another kernel, which is there by default (modfxp.doomkernel.v.0.6 for locked bootloader). Then I try to put in firmwares folder, and when I pressed flash (lightning) button small window appear with my kernel file, and some other file (bootlock or something like that). I pick my kernel and Flashtool start to flash something. After I was told to disconnect, press back, and connect again usb (flashmode), phone start to boot with new bootimage (DoomLord one), and then turn off, and battery showed like on charging. I wait a little bit, disconnect from usb, and try to turn on phone, but phone stuck with doomkernel image.

I flashed back to stock with SEUS, root, and unlock bootloader again.

Can someone tell me what went wrong, and how to flash custome kernel???

from X10i via XDA premium
Date: Feb 1, 2013   


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