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How to reinstall X10 stock firmware via PC Companion

XPERIA X10 Q&A - xda-developers -
There is people out there that can't figure out how to use PC Companion to fix their phones, this tutorial is going to show you how to reinstall the stock Android 2.3 SE firmware and Kernel wich is usefull if you are stuck at the SE Logo, experiencing battery drain issues or if you just want to make a fresh install of a custom ROM

I am not responsible if you break your phone (more than it is already ) so do it at your own risk.

This is a really easy process so keep calm if you follow all the steps i bet your phone will be fixed

Before doing this you have to consider a couple of things:

- You are going to lose all your data.

- If your phone is Rooted, Root will be gone (you are going to lose superuser and xrecovery aswell).

- Phone it's going to be like if it was brand new (it will include all the Service Provider useless apps and default settings).

- Be sure to have at least 50% of battery life because PC Companion is going to download the stock ROM from server when your X10 is already connected in flash mode and this could take a while. If you need to charge the battery and you are stuck at SE logo: take the battery out, connect phone to charger then put the battery in.

- External Memory will be formatted so your photos, music and everything in SD will be wiped.

Ok, Let's do it!!

- Don't Connect your phone to USB yet and Open PC Companion. (if Support Zone doesn't show up restart your PC and try again)

Then just follow the instructions:







Sometimes after this step it says something about Server Connection Error or something, this means your PC can't connect to SE servers so you should check your internet connection or your firewall settings, sometimes SE servers are down (happened to me, if this is the case just try again later).


8. Now this is the tricky part BE SURE TO HAVE AT LEAST 50% BATTERY LEFT BEFORE DOING THIS STEP and turn your phone off:

If in this step your phone turns on to the SE logo instead of the GREEN LED just unplug your phone, take the battery out and try to put the battery in first but inmediately after press and hold the back button and plug X10 to USB, then green led will appear and release back button

After 15 minutes or something (it depends on your PC's internet connection speed) your phone will be flashed and it will restart by itself and it will be fixed

Sorry if my english sucks it isn't my native language xD

Hope this helps all the noobies out there! and don't worry your PC Companion won't be in spanish like mine, peace
Date: Sep 2, 2012   


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