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Samsung - My Samsung Captivate won't update. Getting "unregistered device"

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My Samsung Captivate won't update. Getting "unregistered device"

I got a Samsung Captivate from someone off ebay. I tired running the update through my phone, but of course you can't. It fails at 50%. So I tried to through Kies Mini. Every time i try to, I get Firmware Version: Unregistered Device. It recognizes what phone it is and it recognizes my phone number. I registered the phone on the samsung website, still nothing. Did soft reset, factory restored the phone, and followed the instructions Samsung gave me for Kies Mini. And I don't know if my phone is rooted or not. I'm thinking that may be the possibility. If it is, how can I unroot it?? This is what my phone says in "About Phone":

Model Number: SAMSUNG-SGH-I897

Firmware Version: 2.1-update1

Baseband Version: I897UCJF6

Kernel Version: 2.6.29 jetaek.lee(at)sep-11 #2

Build Number: ECLAIR

I had to put (at) because xda said i can't put outside links in a post because I'm new?? It is the at symbol though.

I don't know if you can tell if the phone is rooted on not through that. But I would really like to get my phone updated soon. I was really looking forward to the Flash Player and the GPS getting fixed since I travel a lot.
Date: Dec 20, 2012    Labels: Samsung


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