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Why won't my phone flash a file?

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Why won't my phone flash a file?

I've done this many, many times before (I've had this phone for a long long time). I am not a noob at this. I restored a factory rom with RUU before on a phone that had a hardware failure and I had to send back. I have flashed radios several times over the years. But today, I am just trying to flash a new custom splash1 screen (something I have done 10+ times over the years).

hboot just will not install the file on my sd card. What happens is it scrolls a bunch of green text lines really quickly about that I can't read.

Just to make sure that I haven't screwed up the splash1 screen zip file in anyway, I tried flashing some of my old splash1 screens. These are the exact files that I know work, they were successfully flashed, and were my splash screens for months. Nope... these don't install either.


I am still on original hboot .092. Yes, my sdcard is FAT32. Yes, I am S-off. Yes, the file is named correctly.

(Being such a clever monkey) I also tried the alternate way. I went and tried flashing with it with adb/fastboot from the PC. Nope... doesn't work. I get an error "unknown partition".

Why in the world did my hboot stop flashing things? I did flash a radio a couple months back (and it worked fine). Could this have broken my ability to flash PB31IMGs?
Date: Oct 27, 2012   

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