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Samsung - How To Repair Samsung Captivate Glide Screen

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How To Repair Samsung Captivate Glide Screen

RepairsUniverse compiled this video repair guide which walks you through taking apart your Captivate Glide, allowing you to replace the screen assembly or other internal parts. Following this guide will insure a safe and quick repair is made on your Samsung smartphone.

This guide will help you to install the following Samsung Captivate Glide part(s):

- Samsung Captivate Glide LCD + Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

Tools Required:

- Safe open pry tool

- Small Phillips

- Heat Gun / Hair Dryer

How To Repair Samsung Captivate Glide Screen

- First step is to remove the back battery cover, the battery, the sim and the memory card.

- Then use Small Phillips Screwdriver and remove the 7 screws as shown at Figure 1.

Figure 1

- Once all the screws have been removed, slide to open the device then use safe pry opening tool and start prying along all the edges to release all the clips holding the back housing in place.

- Once the back housing has been totally removed use Small Phillips Screwdriver to remove the 2 remaining screws. Then use safe pry tool to release the 3 connections. Once the screws and connections are released, you can now remove the motherboard. Once the motherboard has been separated, use safe pry tool to gently lift the lower circuit board and antenna away from the rest of the device.

Figure 2

- Next step is to remove the ten (10) screws.

- Once the screws had been removed, use safe pry tool and begin lifting the back plate. Once all the clips had been release, the back can then now removed as well as the keyboard.

- Next, we can now need to release the slide flex cable which is adhere to the slide portion of the device. Carefully slide it through the slot and be careful not to ripped the cable.

- Remove the four (4) Phillips Screws in each corner. Once removed, you can now start releasing all the clips at all four sides of the screen assembly using safe pry tool. Once release you can now remove the back plate of the device. Be careful not to damaged the slide flex ribbon cable.

- Now starts releasing the main jaw connector to totally release the slide flex ribbon cable together with the speaker and the front camera. You can also release the keypad flex cable from the jaw connector.

Figure 3

- With the use of heat gun or hair dryer, begin heating the outside edges of the device for about 45 seconds to soften the held adhesive. Use quick movements when applying heat.

- Once the adhesive has been warmed, use safe pry tool to begin releasing the front housing from the front assembly. Once released, the front frame comes up from the front assembly.

- Use safe pry tool and gently lift the keypad flex ribbon cable from the screen assembly. The screen assembly can now be replace.

Figure 4

Reverse the instructions above to reassemble your phone.
Date: Sep 13, 2012    Labels: Samsung

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