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prestigio multipad pmp5080cpro

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Yeap i found a good rom and stable so far.

download from here

http: // x--t-e-a-m. blogspot. it/ and click on Download:

XTeam 4.1 QUI

plus for setting your external sd as a nand *as a main installing card... use this http :// crewrktablets. arctablet. com/?wpfb_dl=330

use google translate cause its italian website...anyway ...

steps are easy ... unrar XTeam 4.1 ...

1) Turn off your device

2) Locate the folder Rockusb_driver in the XTeam 4.1 folder and install the drivers for your computer.

3) on the tablet Hold sounds Down Button and connect the device.

4) open with right click and run as administrator the rk29update.exe

5) press the button "formatta!!!"

6) tick the "Loader"

7) Download this kernel from here: http: // www .2shared. com/file/GmdSyNG1/kernel_for_pmp_5080cpro_with_o.html

8) replace the kernel with the one that i gave you from the link

9) press the "Aggiorna! ! " button and wait until the program overwrite the new firmware

10)when the tablet reboot it will go through cwm and the install the

Oma CM10 ExtSD To NAND OTG Fix.

11) the new firmware have OTA updater so update your tablet until you have no other updates...(i realised that i had to download the updates from ota and install them manual but anyway...)

12) in one point the updates from ota updater will change your kernel but dont will just lose temporary the screen rotation so...

install all the updates and in the end run the rk29update.exe again untick all the things there and keep only the kernel ticked and use the kernel i gave you.that match with your 5080 cpro. this time dont push formatta !!!.

Just overwrite the kernel and click aggiorna! !

your device will restart and ta da !!! you have the latest firmware for your Prestigio 5080 C PRO. overclocked and rooted with 1 giga for apps

plus 2x faster than factory's firmware.

i wanna say a big thanx to OMA for the kernel http: //crewrktablets. arctablet. com/

a big thanx to X TEAM for this awesome firmware

and a huge thanx to my self that i had the patience to search for the specific model what to do. It took me about 2 days to gather all the informations i needed.

And a huge apologize to oma that i didnt use his JB version for the prestigio tablet but i test it and it was kinda slow and laggy for my tablet xD

ps: in case that u need more info i ll be around to help you

Remember the steps are only for Prestigio PMP 5080 C PRO and NOT for the Prestigio 5080B.

For the Prestigio 5080B you must find the specific Kernel that works on the device cause else you will have problem with the ROTATION
Date: Dec 29, 2012   


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