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TWD_MID A13 allwinner Firmware & Recovery mode way

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Hi All,

I have A13 allwinner 7" tablet installed and working perfectly android 4.0.4. Have plenty of question which i write below. Thanks for answer in advance.

1) Is it worth to update 4.0.4 to 4.1 or 4.2? Means is A13 processor is sufficient to work? 4.0.4 works perfectly.

2) I am unable to boot in recovery mode with combination of power key and volume key.. Which other way it can work?

3) Any CyanogenMod 10 (jellybean) working perfectly with allwinner A13?

Will keep asking question in further and disturb you..

I have to post a new thread because I could not find any answer of my particular questing in whole xda family.
Date: Jan 3, 2013   

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