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framework.odex - how to modify files inside and pack them back to odex?

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framework.odex - how to modify files inside and pack them back to odex?

Hello I'm having a problem, I need to edit AudioService.class to gain more volume in my Xperia J (it's limited by design...stupid EU law). The framework.jar is not as usual, it's an .odex file in the phone which means I had to unpack the contents of it first.

But after using this tool All the files lost it's structure and I can't even modify the audio values right now.

Also is it possible to odex deodexed files again to make them work on stock rom (based on ICS)?

I've tried to send this message to sony but their forum is dead so here it is explained furthermore:


Hello, I'm furious with my new phone. The headphones volume is not sufficient at all (I'm talking various models of HEADphones, not earphones, although the standard ones that come with the phone are not loud enough to me as well).

The sound also appears compressed on this model which for example means that if something is played at low volume for longer period of time the phone automatically levels the sound to be louder and if something strucks like an explosion for example the sound reduces to the limited value that to me sounds lik 85dB and the phone can handle a lot more beacause when someone calls me while I'm listening to music, music just BOOOMS up the volume for a second and then the ringtone comes in. I had the same issue with my HTC phone but Volume+ app from market could fix that, however on Xperia J with ICS on board none of the volume hacking applications work.

Can anyone please help?

Here are the both files (the original thread where I found how to increase volume on other Xperia phones):
Date: Jan 11, 2013   


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