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Allwinner A10 LY-F1, LY-F1HD CWM Recovery

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Allwinner A10 LY-F1, LY-F1HD CWM Recovery

Hi All, I have 2 posts so I can’t post in the development thread, so posting here

It is with respect to flowish excellent software for CWM Recovery for Allwinner A10 LY-F1/TREQ Tablets

Anyway, this is just to say that this worked great on ice cream sandwich 4.03 but does not seem to work correctly on factory 4.04 and 4.1.1 images.

I can install it okay, boot into okay, but when backing up and it reaches the /data partition it fails, also after a reset the tablet will not boot!!

Anyway, the new factory release software is here, so easy to try:-

Summary of images of the above link today are:-

• F1HD(A10)4.1.1 Updated firmware 20130110.2.0.3 (FY-F1HD i.e. screen 1024x600)

• F1(A10)4.1.1 Updated firmware 20130110.2.0.3 (FY-F1)

• F1HD-4.0.4 Updated firmware 20121129.1.1.1

• F1(A13) 4.0.4 firmware 20121129.1.1.1

• F1(A10)4.0.4 Updated firmware 20121129.1.1.1

Note the F1HD is a F1 with 1024x600 screen, that’s it

As you all know, 4.1.1 (released Jan 2013) is jelly bean and 4.0.4 is ice cream sandwich (released December 2012). Note:- JB still has some issues, hopefully this will be fixed soon.

It would be fantastic is CWM could be updated to support 4.04 firmware and above.

Cheers Rick

P.S. Also note that root has also changed, I founf this worked

Date: Jan 16, 2013   


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