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Allwinner A13 - Flash NAND

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Hey guys, I'm trying to flash the NAND on my Allwinner A13 dev board, but the I've gotten a bit stuck...

Using ADB, I have transferred the image over that I want to flash, and I'm connected to the device's shell.

However, now that I'm here, I'm not exactly sure where to go... From what I've heard, /dev/block/nanda is bootloader, nandc is boot, nandg is recovery... But I have no clue if that applies to all A13's

My assumption is to run the following,


cat /sdcard/imagefile.img > /dev/block/nand<?>

sync; sync; sync

echo -n boot | busybox dd of=/dev/block/nand<?> count=1 conv=sync; sync

Can anyone help me out here?
Date: Feb 2, 2013   


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