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Bluestack and Camera Source

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Hi all.

I am aware that I am a new member but I did search in regards to activating the camera on Bluestacks but failing to do so.

What I am trying to do:

Use my camera on my laptop on apps, such as Instagram, Whatsapp.

What I have done:

I tried to use the camera on Bluestacks apps, but all I got is a black screen.

Read the forums and changed the camera registry to 1, still the same problem even after restarting the app and computer.

Is there a way to maybe change the source of the camera to direct it to my default camera?

Or if there is something wrong with the default camera, I have an external USB camera as well. Could I re-route and get Bluestack to select that camera instead? There is a front and back camera, maybe that can be done?

Thanks for the help!
Date: Apr 16, 2013   

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