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HELP - Misc deleted

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HELP - Misc deleted

Hi everyone. I'm in a desperate situation, as I was trying to make more space on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300, cm11 nightly). I went to storage under settings, then I noticed that miscellaneous files (Misc) were taking up too much space. When I opened it, the first on the list was WhatsApp with over 400 mb's of files. For a moment I so stupidly thought that these are messages that take up space, and I pressed the delete button in front of it. Then I realized that they were pictures They were so precious to me, and I HAVE TO get them back. I have tried using wondershare data recovery for android in my pc, no luck. I tried Remo data recovery, it didn't even detect my device. I tried disk digger, still no luck. Please, help me guys I really have to get back those images.. Thanks in advance.
Date: Jun 28, 2014   

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