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Straight Talk Sim

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Straight Talk Sim

I had LG Quantum Windows Phone on the ATT network for 2 years. I switched to Straight Talk a month ago by just switching out the sim cards. The phone & service worked great except straight talk does not support windows phone because you can't edit the APN setting in Windows Phone because they are automatic. It was time for a new phone anyways so I went on ebay and found a HTC MyTouch 4g Slide unlocked from the T-mobile network. I put the straight talk sim in the new phone and now I am getting a lot of problems with sending & recieving text etc. The major problem I have is I keep getting a text message that says +1121611611 (2288 Error Invalid Number, Please resend using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code. This is continuous day & night and will not stop and runs my battery down. Is it possible that I can't use a T-mobile phone with a AT&T version Straight Talk sim?

So just to be clear, I have a HTC MyTouch 4G that was originally from T-Mobile that is now unlocked. I have a AT&T/StraightTalk sim in it. Where I live I don't get good reception with the T-mobile networks and the AT&T service is better.

Please help!
Date: Oct 31, 2012   


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